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Sarah's interest in photography came from her mother. Her fondest memory being of the family home, overflowing with boxes of pictures, that comprehensively recorded the life and times of a great childhood. The pictures evoked such happy memories for Sarah, that now she has her own family, like her mother, she continues to record all aspects of her family's life.

It is this passion for memories that ultimately led Sarah to train to become a professional photographer. Sarah went to the Norwich School of Photography, where she was fortunate to be trained by internationally renowned photographers Brian Barrett and Andrew Coe. In particular, they taught her the importance and art of lighting, both in daylight and the studio.

This technical knowledge, and Sarah's ability to create a rapport with the sitter, whether two or four legged, is what results in unique images that have that special Sarah touch!

Weddings and Special Occasions

Sarah's unique friendly manner and her eye for catching that special moment make her a great photographer for those special events. Her technical ability combined with her empathy with people, combine to create and capture lasting memories.

Family Photography

They say never work with children and animals – but these are two of Sarah's favourite subjects. She loves photographing children and is happy to potter about with them for as long as it takes to get that special memory.

Sarah's approach to photographing children is simple – we all know how hard it is to get them to pose happily for a photo – not many people enjoy that. She gives them something to do that will keep them engaged, whilst encouraging them towards locations with good directional light, and the result is relaxed and natural shots that reflect their personalities.

Equine Photography

Sarah is qualified as a British Horse Society riding instructor and worked with young horses as her job for several years. Although she took 1000's of action shots, She never felt as though she was capturing the empathy between horse and rider. Children develop a special relationship with their equine partners, and then outgrow them and that moment in their lives is past.

She worked hard to find a way to portray this close bond between horse and owner and now travels with her 'mobile' outdoor studio. Taking portraits of you and your horse, studio-lit and atmospheric, creating memories of your partnership that will last forever.

Animal Photography

Dogs have lived and worked closely with people for 1000's of years. Sarah photographs them either in the studio or on location, either works well for dogs depending on what is required although, in her opinion, nothing beats seeing them running and playing in the woods or on the beach.

Sarah's animal photography shoots are very relaxed, She can bring her outdoor studio to you so that your pets can have a break and bounce about between shots - this works well for dogs as well as children. Other small animals are better in a studio. Whether you are based in Northampton, Daventry or further afield, when you are choosing between the many photographers working locally, you will find it hard to find someone as dedicated as Sarah.

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